Here at English Carriage Company we know a limousine lends a touch of luxury to your wedding or special occasion.


When the Bridal Party is entering or exiting the limousine, expect the driver to give his attention to you, the Bride. You enter first, through the rear door that will face the entrance to the ceremony. The driver will see that your train does not touch the ground. Do not slide over. The groom will enter from the opposite side.


When the car stops at the ceremony site, wait until the driver opens the door. Passengers exit in reverse order, you being the last to exit.


Good Limousine etiquette respects all state regulations concerning smoking, confetti and alcohol. Despite the Champagne tradition, consuming alcohol is any moving vehicle is illegal in North Carolina. Care should be given to the variety of our vehicles. (replacement values on a new Rolls Royce and Bentley is over $250,000.00 each. The most valuable post war Bentley in the world is a 1947 Franay Bentley convertible with a price tag of over 2.5 million dollars U.S.) Because each vehicle is a collector antique that has been lovingly restored to excellent condition and quite unique in their own way, very few ever experience the opportunity to ride in such fine automobile.


Our Drivers are to stand outside the automobile (Weather permitting) while the vehicle is in wait, not to recline is his seat listening to the radio or sleeping. The driver will be dressed in a new up-to-date tuxedo that fits properly with tuxedo shoes, and of course our usual white gloves.


A gratuity of 15 to 20% is customary, for a touch of class, enclose the bills in an envelope and hand them directly to our driver after arrival to the reception.


It is not uncommon for our drivers to load or unload luggage for their guests and will cheerfully make your ride as pleasurable as possible.